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About us

Safe T Group is an authorised crypto assets financial services firm based in Poland.

While our operations are rooted in Poland, our services extend across Europe and the UK, catering specifically to GBP and EUR currencies.

Founded with the mission of globalising cryptocurrency, we are dedicated to providing clients with exceptional brokering services through a client-centric approach. Comprising cryptocurrency enthusiasts, our firm has a distinct focus on Bitcoin, acknowledging the transformative changes happening in the world.

Decentralisation, secure transactions, individual and community-centric values, and empowerment are key themes in the crypto industry that guide our focus. Our goal is to introduce one of the most significant technological innovations to the world, positively impacting the lives of our clients.

Safe T Group adheres to the highest Anti Money Laundering standards and actively collaborates with regulators to ensure regulatory compliance. Our team members diligently work towards upholding this standard.

person using black and gray laptop computer
person using black and gray laptop computer
a wallet with bitcoins falling out of it
a wallet with bitcoins falling out of it

People and culture

At Safe T Group, our team is the cornerstone of our uniqueness. Instead of relying on outsourcing, we foster an environment that nurtures the professional development of our cryptocurrency experts.

We firmly believe in empowering our employees by giving them a voice. We carefully assemble teams to ensure optimal productivity and engagement in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency.

Md Mizan Rahman

Founder CEO

Jessica Md Alamgir

Assistant CEO